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Quality Management
Set higher standards

Acknowledging that quality is of the utmost importance, on which continuous improvement leads to standards rising, resulting in increased client satisfaction, at SJ Têxteis we work daily to meet even the most demanding goals.

As a statement of our quality policy, SJ Têxteis is a certified company and operates in conformity with international standards such as ISO 9001:2000 as well as ÖKO-TEX Ecological Certification which guarantees that the tested and certified textiles do not contain any harmful substances that are a danger to human health.

Logistics and Technology
We have the knowledge, we have the skills

Our main asset is the variety of highly valuable products allied to the evolution of quality production. We believe that quality means excellent raw material, state of the art machinery and highly skilled human resources. In SJ Têxteis we excel in every aspect.

We combine our knowledge of industry standards and regulations with technical innovation to provide the best in client service. Supported by a continuous investment policy, SJ Têxteis has been improving its logistics and technical infrastructure in order to reduce production time and deliver products faster, with higher quality, and lower costs.

Client Service
Close to our clients

Our emphasis on human relationships and the uncompromising values have resulted in us being looked upon as a dependable company and a reliable partner by clients, suppliers and employees alike.

As a client oriented company and for the purpose of continuous improvement, SJ Têxteis has set forward as its goals an increasing approach to its customers and to develop factors of differentiation. Thanks to our proximity to our clients, we can respond more efficiently to their rapidly changing needs and desires, or even anticipate those needs and desires.

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Exceeding expectations...