A Portuguese company in the textile sector which finds solutions that the customers are searching for through trust, knowledge, competitiveness and sustainability.

We work as an exporting company of woman, man and children's clothes, in multiples types and raw materials, in a way of production for a third party (private label).

Our activity is support in human resources highly qualified with long experience in the sector, technological resources and IT systems adapted to the production cycle.

We concern in respect the environment sustainability, using green energies and sustainable fibres in production. We guarantee distinctive work conditions and we comply with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Company

Since 1990, S.J. Têxteis has developed its activity based on a policy of proximity, respect and trust. Over the years, the company was seeking to grow through the ongoing improvement of quality of its product, representing a reference in jerseywear sector. S.J. Têxteis is also seeking to make part of the regional development.
In order to keep updated and competitive, S.J. Têxteis is based on in an ongoing investment policy in infrastructures and equipment. It uses technological resources and IT systems adapted to the production cycle to support the business activity and information analysis.

It makes part of the strong cluster of the textile in the North of, which allows a strong flexibility to find solutions of different raw materials and also the subcontracting of specialized service. This leads to a bigger work efficiency, always with a guarantee to control the quality.

S.J. Têxteis is near Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro (Porto), which provides a link of geographic proximity with our customers.



We handle your knits – We are a company focused on the satisfaction of our customers’ needs, through its differentiation factor and a spirit of ongoing improvement. S.J. Têxteis can respond more efficiently and even to anticipate needs and desires of customers.

We have the knowledge,
we have the skills.

We complete our knowledge about rules and regulation in the sector to technical innovation to give the best service to the customer. Based on na ongoing investment policy, S.J. Têxteis has been improving in terms of production, becoming more competitive, showing products with better quality and less costs.

We are closer to our customers.

Our focus on human relationships and firmness on our values make us a trustworthy company and a reliable partner for customers, providers and workers.

We are a company focused on the customer and in the goal to improve, S.J. Têxteis established a strategy based on the investment to get closer to customers and on the development of differentiation factors. As a result, through its resiliency the company seeks to respond to the market challenges, be more effective and anticipate the customers’ needs.

S.J. Têxteis has more than 30 years of existence and has gained professional experience and knowledge to provide extraordinary solutions and a value-added service.


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